1. Parties to the agreement.


The contract is concluded between the Internet service for the exchange of title characters, then the Contractor-on the one hand, and the Customer, represented by the one who used the services of the Contractor — on the other hand.


2. List of terms.


2.1. Exchange of title characters-an automated product of Internet service, which is provided by the Contractor on the basis of these rules.

2.2. Customer-an individual who agrees to the terms of the Contractor and this agreement, to which he joins.

2.3. The title sign is a conventional unit of a payment systеm that corresponds to the calculations of electronic systems and indicates the amount of rights corresponding to the contract of the electronic payment systеm and its Customer.

2.4. Application — information provided by the Customer for the use of the Contractor’s funds in electronic form and indicating that he accepts the terms of use of the service, which are offered by the Contractor in this application.


3. The terms of the agreement.


These rules are considered to be organized by the terms of the public offer, which is formed at the time of filing an application by the Customer and is one of the main components of this agreement. Public offer referred to as the information displayed by the contractor on the conditions of application. The main components of the public offer are the actions taken at the end of the application by the Customer and talking about his exact intentions to make a deal on the terms proposed by the Contractor before the completion of this application. Time, date, and parameters of the application are created by the Contractor automatically at the end of the formation of this application. The offer must be accepted by the Customer within 24 hours from the end of the application. The service agreement shall enter into force upon receipt of title units in the full amount specified in the application from the Customer to the details of the Contractor. Transactions with title signs are taken into account in accordance with the rules, regulations and format of electronic payment systems. The contract is valid for a period of time , which is established from the date of application to termination at the initiative of one of the parties.


4. Agreement subject.


Through the use of technical methods, the Contractor undertakes to perform the exchange of title units for a Commission from the Customer, after the filing of the application by this person and does this by selling title units to persons wishing to purchase them at an amount not lower than in the application filed by the Customer. The Contractor undertakes to transfer funds to the details specified by the Customer. In case of occurrence during the exchange of profit, it remains on the account of the Contractor, as an additional benefit and premium for Commission services.


5. In addition.


5.1. If the account of the Contractor receives an amount different from that specified in the application, the Contractor shall recalculate, which corresponds to the actual receipt of title units. If this amount exceeds the amount specified in the application by more than 10%, the Contractor terminates the contract unilaterally and all funds are returned to the customer’s details, taking into account the deducted amount for Commission costs during the transfer.

5.2. In the event that the title units are not sent by the Contractor to the specified details of the Customer within 24 hours, the Customer has the full right to request the termination of the agreement and cancel your application, thereby making the return of the title units to your account in full. Application for termination of the agreement and return of title units is performed by the Contractor in the event that the funds have not yet been transferred to the specified details of the Customer. In case of cancellation of the contract, the return of electronic currency is made within 24 hours from the date of receipt of the request for termination of the contract. If the delay in the return occurred through no fault of the Contractor, he is not responsible for them.

5.3. If the title units are not received from the Customer to the account of the Contractor within the specified period, from the date of application by the Customer, the agreement between the parties is terminated by the Contractor on the one hand, as the contract does not enter into force. The customer may not be notified. If the title units arrive at the details of the Contractor after the specified period, such funds are transferred back to The customer’s account, and all Commission costs associated with the transfer are deducted from these funds.

5.4. If there is a delay in the transfer of funds to the details specified by the Customer, due to the fault of the payment systеm, the Contractor is not responsible for damage resulting from the long receipt of funds. In this case, the Customer must agree that all claims will be submitted to the payment systеm, and the Contractor shall provide its assistance to the extent possible within the law.

5.5. In case of detection of forgery of communication flows or impact, in order to worsen the work of the Contractor, namely its program code, the application is suspended, and the transferred funds are recalculated in accordance with the current agreement. If the Customer does not agree with the recalculation, he has the full right to terminate the contract and the title units will be sent to the details specified by the Customer.

5.6. In case of using the services of the Contractor, the Customer fully agrees that the Contractor bears limited liability corresponding to the scope of these rules received title characters and does not give additional guarantees to the Customer, and does not bear additional responsibility to him. Accordingly, the Customer shall not be liable to the Contractor.

5.7. The customer undertakes to comply with the relevant legislation, as well as not to forge communication flows and not to create obstacles to the normal operation of the program code of the Contractor.

5.8.The contractor shall not be liable for the damage and consequences of an erroneous transfer of electronic currency in the event that the Customer has indicated incorrect details when submitting the application.

5.10. The user gives his consent to the Service for the processing of personal data provided during registration on the site.

5.10.1. Personal data includes

– name and surname;

– email address;

– country of residence / citizenship;

– details of used wallets;

– mobile phone number;

– data of the identity document;


5.11. Payment details provided by users are verified for applications for the purchase of electronic currencies are private. Users have no right to disclose payment details received on our service. In case of disclosure of private information, the service administration contact the appropriate authorities to take the necessary measures.

5.12. The services of the Contractor can be used by persons over the age of 18 years.


– The contractor has the right to demand proof of ownership of the Bank card Or QIWI-wallet to the person making the exchange from the customer(photo card on the background of the application created by our site,a photo with the passport of the person making the exchange on the background of our site).


– The customer is added to the black list in case of suspected fraud before providing ownership of the card or QIWI-wallet of the relevant documents.


– The customer has the right to refuse to continue the exchange (refund is made within 24 hours minus the Commission of 2% of the exchange amount).


5.13 the time of execution of the application is up to 2 hours after the client replenishes the account.


– If the funds are received on the balance of the customer after two hours after payment by the customer – is recalculated, or refund to the customer minus the Commission for the transfer between payment systems.


5.14 the Contractor shall not be liable for :


– replenishment of the balance of the operator by the customer (instead of QIWI-wallet);


– transfer of funds to details other than those issued to You by the contractor;


– in case of blocking issued by the contractor for payment to the customer QIWI wallets and card numbers postal address, ip, account number of the customer falls into the black list for 30 days.


5.16 in order to make orders worth more than 6000 rubles, the customer must pass the verification procedure. Customer data processing time up to 24 hours.


6. Warranty period.


Within 24 hours from the date of execution of the exchange of title units, the Contractor gives a guarantee for the services provided, unless otherwise specified.


7. Contingencies.


In the event that unforeseen circumstances arise during the processing of the Customer’s application, contributing to the Contractor’s failure to comply with the terms of the contract, the terms of the application are transferred to the appropriate period of the duration of force majeure. The Contractor shall not be liable for overdue obligations.


8. Form of agreement.


This agreement by both parties, in the face of the Customer is taken as equivalent to the validity of the contract designated in writing.




9 Claims and disputes.


Claims under this agreement are accepted by the Contractor in the form of an e-mail, in which the Customer indicates the essence of the claim. This letter is sent to the specified on the website details of the Contractor.


10. Carrying out exchange operations.


10.1.It is strictly forbidden to use the services of the Contractor for illegal transfers and fraud. At the conclusion of this agreement, the Customer undertakes to comply with these requirements and in case of fraud to be criminally liable, established by law at the moment.

10.2. In case of impossibility of execution of the application automatically, due to circumstances beyond the control of the Contractor, such as lack of communication, lack of funds, or erroneous Customer data, the funds are credited to the account within the next 24 hours or returned to the details of the Customer minus Commission costs.

10.3.At the first request, the Contractor has the right to transfer information about the transfer of electronic currency to law enforcement agencies, the administration of payment systems, as well as victims of illegal actions, victims of fraud proven by judicial authorities.

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