1. Registered users get the right to use the cumulative systеm of discounts for the following exchange:< / strong>

1000-10000 USD-0.1%< / strong>
10000-15000 USD-0.2%< / strong>

over 25000 USD -0.5%< / strong>

of 2. Accruals and payments under the affiliate program are conducted in dollars.< / strong>
of 3. The minimum amount to withdraw earned money from the affiliate account is $ 10.< / strong>
of 4. For each exchange made through your affiliate link, you receive a reward in the amount of 0.1% to 0.5% of the exchange amount. The percentage of deductions depends on the amount of exchanges made by your affiliate link:< / strong>

100-999 USD-0.1%< / strong>
1000-4999 USD-0.2%< / strong>
of 5000 – 9999 USD – 0.3%
10000-19999 USD -0.4%< / strong>
over 20000 USD -0.5%< / strong>

the 4.1. These affiliate rewards values may change over time. In this case, all earned funds are stored in the account taking into account the previously valid rates.< / strong>
of 5. We are always on the side of the client and are interested in his profits. All your funds will be transferred to you to the last penny. Let’s earn together.< / strong>
of 6. We are waiting for partners who are engaged in traffic arbitration. We are allowed any kind of it.< / strong>
of 7 . For all questions related to the affiliate program a huge request to contact our support team.< / strong>
of 8. The partner is fully responsible for the safety of their authentication data (login and password) to access the account.< / strong>
of 9. These terms are subject to change unilaterally without notice to program participants, but with publication on this page.< / strong>

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